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The Many Uses of our Miracle Crop

Hemp Seeds HempE Miracle Crop

Did you know that hemp is not only good for your health, but also for the health of our environment?

It’s a fascinating plant that has been used by many cultures for thousands of years.  Whether it be for food, shelter, or as a tool, hemp offers a natural solution to a world of challenges and demands.

If you are looking for a way to go green and pitch in to help heal our environment, look no further than this carbon negative miracle crop.

Many Uses of Hemp

Here in Canada, only parts of the hemp plant can be processed for industrial use.  Luckily, there are so many uses of hemp, even just by using part of the plant, many benefits are achieved.  

Hemp Stalk (Bast Fibres & Hurd)

From use in apparel to paper products, the hemp stalk is an incredibly rich part of the plant.  It contains bast fibres and hurd which can be used for the following (just to name a few): canvas, fabrics, carpets, rope, paper, insulation, fiberglass, concrete, stucco, mulch, chemical absorbant, and biofuel.

Hemp Seed

Perhaps one of the most popular parts of the plant, the seed is what gives us the delicious hemp hearts packed with protein and delicious goodness.  Hemp oil is also extracted from the seed and can then be processed for different uses such as dressings, infused oil, and cosmetics.  


With so many great products that come from the hemp plant, you might be wondering, what else is it good for? The environmental benefits of this super crop are just as abundant as the vast line of items that it yields.

Absorbs Carbon

Hemp  plants have the natural ability to be carbon sinks, capturing harmful carbon from the air and storing it in the fibre and extensive root system.  When the plant is converted into long-lasting products such as building materials and bio-plastics, carbon is stored for the lifespan of the consumer goods.

Remediates Soil

One of the most fascinating aspects of the hemp plant from an environmental perspective is its ability to heal our soil.  This is done through a process called phytoremediation.  There are certain varieties of hemp that have been used to clean up the soil after nuclear accidents such as Fukushima in Japan.

Bright Future

As more people learn about hemp and make use of this miracle crop, we will learn even more about its endless benefits.  We’re excited to see how things evolve with an age old plant that’s getting a second chance to grow.

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Hemp, Our Miracle Crop

About the Author ~ Leah Feor
Leah is a strategic advisor and content creator for Simply Sustainable™. Balancing a triple bottom line for organizations and individuals is her utmost goal. She’s a big picture thinker with an eye for detail. Her passion for the environment and social impact bring her business background to life. Outdoor adventures, healthy living, and continuous learning are just a few of her favourite things.

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Say Goodbye to Dry Skin!

Moisturize Inside Out with Hemp

Moisturize Inside Out with Hemp

When your skin is dry and cracked, do you think of lotions, ointments and creams? I used to, too! I can’t count the moisturizers I’ve recently disposed of, because I don’t need to moisturize from the outside anymore.

My hands used to be so dry they would crack and bleed, especially at this time of year.


Since taking hemp seed oil capsules, I do not need hand lotion. I never expected this benefit, who’d have thought about moisturizing from the inside out!?

Internal moisturizing never occurred to me until clients started asking what I have for creams, showing me their hands. I can relate to what they are going through. I’ve been on that mad hunt, going from one brand, to another, and another. Some have hurt instantly, with a stinging or burning sensation so bad that it would never near my hands again! It finally dawned on me why I no longer have this issue – hemp seed oil capsules are the key that locked my dry skin battle away.

Soft Skin with Hemp Oil

Hemp oil moisturizes at a cellular level, providing your body with the essential fatty acids it needs. The fats it contains have a similar composition to our skins, making it an effective moisturizer and protectant. It is the best thing for dry, dehydrated skin (as well as hair, nails, and eyes, too!). Externally applying hemp seed oil is helpful too, while your skin rejuvenates from within. It absorbs quickly, lubricates your skins’ cells, balances oil production, and does not block pores.