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Aloe & Seaweed Tea Tree Gel

Aloe & Seaweed Tea Tree Gel

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This lightweight gel is easily and quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling soft, nourished, strengthened and re-hydrated. This is a must have for every first-aid kit. 

Its cooling and soothing action is ideal for red irritated skin, or after over-exposure to the sun.

Aloe Vera stimulates the circulation of the skin, helping to accelerate cellular regeneration.

Seaweed hydrates the skin and forms a protective barrier. It contains a wealth of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. 

Tea tree essential oil has been widely used for centuries because of its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and, of course, antiseptic properties. Tea tree gel is applied to the skin for infections such as acne, fungal infections, ringworm, as well as for cold sores, sunburns, and dermatitis. It can also be used as a local antiseptic for cuts and abrasions. 

Co2 hemp extract has anti-inflammatory properties and provides superior moisturization. 

Aloe and seaweed gel, Co2 hemp extract and therapeutic tea tree oil. 

59 mL