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Our Story

Cyndal Johnston, Founder & CEO with her son Flint (2015)

It all started one day while Cyndal was scrolling through her Facebook news feed. She saw a post on a buy and sell group. The lady was telling her story about how hemp oil capsules helped her fibromyalgia. She immediately messaged her “Hey, I need these for my husband (as he has fibromyalgia), and tell me about the business opportunity, because my son is 6 months old and I’m looking for something to do so I can stay home with him.” To this day, she is thankful that the response was, “Cyndal, if you want to sell them, you should take them too.”

As someone who Google’s everything, Cyndal began to research what hemp oil helps with, and realized it “could” relieve the pain that she had in her jaw for 8 years, and that it “could” help with the anxiety that caused her to grind her teeth so badly to have half a jaw joint left on the right side of her face to begin with!” After all, the dentists “solution” only months prior, was to break her jaw, wire it shut, feed her through a straw for 2 years, $10,000 please! So, an alternative to Tylenol or more extreme pain killers (either of which she refused to take) was, well, not a bad idea! It hurt to talk, sleep, eat...

She didn’t believe that hemp oil was going to help, but decided to give it a try. There was nothing to lose! 3 days later, she had NO pain! Her husband hadn’t woken her up in the middle of the night because she was grinding her teeth, so obviously it helped her anxiety, too. As a person who must understand “how” and “why” everything works, Cyndal definitely needed to know how and why hemp helped so much. She spent hours on Google, becoming more and more fascinated with the properties of hemp, the benefits, the thousands of uses…

Not only was she fascinated, but it offered her a new sense of security and peace of mind. Cyndal has lived through 2 house fires, and when she discovered that hemp can build a fire resistant home, her passion became too strong to hold back! Cyndal has always been a tree-hugger, and a health freak, so for her, it was a no brainer! She set out to “help as many people as she can, and save the world!”, with the belief that “People deserve to know the truth about this valuable plant!”

Cyndal and baby Flint setup at 6 to 8 markets or trade shows per week around central Alberta, growing the awareness about hemp. People were excited and interested in the things she told them. It was rewarding to hear people tell her how much better they felt. People were automatically referring others, because they wanted everyone else to feel better, too. She couldn’t believe that she was making thousands of dollars a month, simply by talking about her passion and helping people and their pets feel so much better! The lineup of unique products grew over the course of the summer, and she found another passion - to help small family businesses.

When the summer came to an end, and the markets dwindled off, Cyndal became a bit disappointed. She asked herself, “Now what? How am I going to help as many people as I can and save the world, I am only 1 person!?” The idea was suggested, “You should start an MLM”. Cyndal had a lot of resistance to this idea, having been part of a few different MLM’s, and there were things she didn’t like about them. Minimum orders, monthly autoships, having requirements to stay at the rank you’d worked so hard to achieve, and the high-pressure sales of in home parties. It took Cyndal a while to dig deep and discover all the things that were holding her back from creating an MLM, but once she did, the HempE Enthusiast Opportunity was born.

HempE has been built from the roots of sustainability, with a primary objective to create positive financial, social, and environmental change. We don't actually manufacture anything on site, but rather, support many small Canadian businesses. By combining unique products that aren't readily available, our vision is be a one stop shop for all things hemp (as the industry blossoms into it's true potential, and more and more hemp products become available). We proudly ship "ugly boxes", as we reduce, reuse and recycle. 

We are currently home-based, nestled in the west country of central Alberta, in the Village of Caroline. It's the perfect place to operate a sustainable business that's focused on Mother Nature. 

Thank you for visiting our site, and for supporting the Canadian hemp industry.