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Laguna Blends Hemp Coffee

Laguna's Protein Coffee

Laguna's coffee beverage is a very exciting flagship product. Our coffee is loaded in proteins: both whey and hemp. With 20% protein in every serving, our proprietary product packs a powerful protein punch. Since protein is essential in daily diet, this product is certain to be a clear winner.

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Laguna's Hemp on the Run Single Serving Protein Pouch

Laguna's Hemp is the finest in the quality available in the World today. In our busy daily lives "Hemp on the Run" is a convenient single serving of hemp protein. Dilute in your hot or cold beverage of choice, mix in your protein shake or sprinkle over your cereal. This delicious super food will ensure your body gets the nutrition it deserves. The hemp proteins are water soluble and can be directly mixed in water or added to milk, almond milk or coconut milk. In addition the hemp protein can be blended in a shake with fruit.

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Laguna Blends Inc. "Laguna" is a network marketing company focused on the nutritional health benefits that are derived from Hemp. Laguna has independent affiliates that generate retail sales and have the ability to recruit other affiliates. Affiliates utilize the latest tools and technology to enable them to build an International business from the comfort of their own home or while traveling on the road.

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