Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start doing this business, and what is required?

To start your business, simply purchase an Enthusiast membership here: HempE Club. There are no pre-requisites.

Do I need a traditional store or I just sell them from the complementary website "if signed up"?

You can sell products directly to customers, from an inventory that you would purchase at 25% off (plus your cash back). This can be done at markets/trade shows, using Facebook buy & sell groups, Kijiji, Craigslist, etc. You can also find Facebook groups to post on where people can find business opportunities.

You can sell from your website, which you don’t have to sign up and pay for – it’s included with your Enthusiast membership. There are no monthly or one time fees for your site.

We are working on a powerpoint presentation (or multiple different ones, so that they can be segmented together, or just selected from for a short presentation) that can be used for public information nights.

You can collaborate with other businesses that have the same target market (gyms, yoga studios, health food stores, gift shops, consignment stores, salons and spas, etc.) and see about ways to work together.

You can attend trade shows and markets in your community and surrounding areas.

I’m sure I haven’t listed them all….but we will provide training and coach you how to do these things, based on our success. 😉

I understand that once you reach level 4 you stay there forever, but how about level 1,2 and 3, is there a monthly quota order/sales do I need to meet per month?

No, there are no sales quotas. Not monthly, not annually, not over a lifetime.

Am I required to Sprout 8 Enthusiasts?

No, we have zero requirements. You are not obligated to sell a thing, ever. Most people become so passionate about our products, naturally, they want to share them!

How is the Cash Back calculated?

Cash back is calculated on the discounted Enthusiast price.  For example:  $100 in core products at the listed retail price in the HempE shop has an Enthusiast price of $75.  A 25% discount.

Tier 1 Level 1 cash back is 3% on the Enthusiast price at $75.  Therefore cash back would be $2.25.

See the cash back chart on the Enthusiast Club page for details about all the cash back percentages for each tier and level.

Can I sell other products that HempE doesn’t offer?

HempE doesn’t place any restrictions on the products you sell, even if the other products compete with HempE.

You are an independent business person and may choose the products you offer your customers.

HempE products complement many other product lines and we welcome a strong mix of products that can help you get access to new customers.

Can I sell to retail locations?

Yes, retail supply is an opportunity to build customer awareness and take advantage of increased foot traffic.

Retail stores typically purchase at wholesale prices in case quantities.  If a retailer with a commercial location would like to carry HempE products, HempE will upgrade their membership to Level 4.  Level 4 cash back is the same as wholesale prices.

The store will be in your downline and you’ll receive cash back, at your level, on the retailer’s orders, as well as any new HempE Enthusiast memberships the store sells.

If you open a commercial location, we’ll confirm the location with you and upgrade you to level 4 as well!

I live in the United States, can I sign up?

Yes, HempE can drop ship retail orders to the United States.

HempE products are currently being reviewed by US customs and the FDA for approval for resale.

US HempE Enthusiast can still participate in the Enthusiast program by referring new customers to their website link[your username]

However, at this time, HempE products may not be ordered as inventory for personal sales at markets or other retail locations.

Prices are in Canadian dollars.  The exchange rate is calculated by the payment processor such as Visa, Master Card or PayPal.

Does HempE have sample sizes?

We don’t have sample sizes, just the products as displayed in the shop online.

How do I get a table at a trade show?

To get a table at a trade show, watch for events happening in your area.  To book a table contact the organizer.  Generally contact information is included in the advertisement.  Tables can be as little as $10, and as much as $500 for a large weekend long events.  The cost of the table is usually a sign of how much traffic the organizer expects.  A couple hundred people, $30, thousands of people, $500 for a table.

There are groups on Facebook like “What’s happening in [your city]” where people post events.  Other places to find out about events are bulletin boards, newspapers/community flyers, radio ads, Kijiji/Craigslist, community centers/halls, and your city website.

Once you get into a trade show, network with the other vendors that are there, experienced exhibitors usually know all the events coming up, which ones have been successful for them, etc.  Events are not always successful.  It depends on how well the event is marketed and the amount of people who come to the show.  Make sure the show organizer is doing a lot of advertising to promote the show so that people attend.  No people, no sales at your table.  Events are not always profitable right away; but, in the long term, they are an important part of building a large customer base.

How many HempE Enthusiasts are there?

There are HempE Enthusiasts all across Canada.  They are listed on the map here: Many Enthusiasts are members for personal use, not serious about building a business at this time.

The opportunities at our fingertips are exciting!!

HempE Enthusiasts each sell differently, some are focused on building their business online, some doing trade shows and markets, some have even decided to do home parties or setup at their local gym!  Posting ads on Facebook buy & sell groups, Kijiji and Craigslist, etc. has been a successful way to start selling without the need for a lot of inventory.

“The demand is growing quickly, as more and more people are starting to understand the benefits of protein, omega-3, omega-6, healthy clean eating, etc. The gluten free/dairy free/vegan/vegetarian etc. population is growing. People who are loving the direction that the cannabis industry is headed, or are passionate about contributing to improving our environment (tree huggers such as myself). People who are looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals and the side effects….. With our large variety of products we have several target markets (who is looking to solve a particular problem that we could have the solution to). As you can see, our products each have different benefits to offer. What I’ve heard from trade show/market organizers, and from our Enthusiasts who are out there doing them, is that they want our unique products there! The products I’ve sourced are not readily available on the market, which is a huge advantage to you, and other Enthusiasts.” – Cyndal

Does HempE drop ship?

Yes, HempE drop ships orders.  Enter the ship-to address on checkout.

HempE Enthusiasts may retail products for the prices listed in the HempE shop and collect money for the sale; and, then place the order and fulfill the order personally or have it drop shipped.

Don’t forget to run the order through the HempE shopping cart to get the shipping amount when taking a drop ship orders.

An alternative to drop shipping is to use your HempE shop referral link.[your_shop_username]

When your customer clicks your link, you’ll receive the discount (up to 25%) and the cash back store credit.

Do I get income tax forms when selling HempE products?

If you’re not selling products then there’s no income tax.  Cash back used to purchase products is part of your discount membership.

When building your HempE business and reselling products, you’re sales are considered revenue and therefore small business income.

Your HempE shop invoices are expenses called the cost of goods sold.

Other purchases like market table rent, fuel for making deliveries or other business expenses should be recorded.  These expenses are deducted from your gross profit.  The net amount is taxable income.

When you have more than $100 in cash back from your referral sales, you can request to cash out.  HempE will issue tax forms for affiliate commissions.