Hemp Business

Sprout Your Hemp Business

Jump on the HempE wagon and become a hemp enthusiast for life!

Once a HempE Enthusiast, always a HempE Enthusiast.

We treat you like the superhero that you are, so there are no minimum sales requirements and you will access maximum discounts as you grow.

With your $148 lifetime membership you will receive a complete start-up package of products, plus tools and training at zero cost to you.

When you choose to grow your own team (up to three tiers deep), receive 25% ($37) plus cash back
for every enthusiast you sprout, and cash back every time tiers 2 & 3 grow.
We keep it simple, providing you with support and a complimentary website. The shipping and
payment processing are taken care of for you.

Questions about the membership?  See the frequently asked questions: Membership FAQ's