More About Hemp and it’s Health Benefits

Hemp has been grown for many centuries for the fiber produced in its stems and as a food source for its fruit – Hemp.  Processed (cleaned and shelled) Hemp Seeds are sometimes called Hemp Hearts, a wonderful whole food. Hemp Hearts are made into Hemp Oil and both can be used as a stand-alone food and nutrition source or in hundreds of healthy, tasty recipes.

There are many reasons to include Hemp Seeds and other Hemp Food products in your diet.

  • First, they are a complete source of protein, more balanced and digestible than soy.
  • They contain more required amino acids (protein) than milk, meat or eggs.
  • The  Hemp Hearts contain 47% Hemp Oil, 75% of which is Omega 3, 6, and 9.
  • They contain all the essential or omega fats required for human health and several times more omega 3 than any fish.
  • They contain more energy than energy bars – with no sugar and much less saturated fats.
  • They are perfect for those with constipation issues and those avoiding starches.
  • They are very suitable for those unable to eat sugar, fruits, nuts and meat.

Hemp Fibre has many uses including textiles; molded or pressed, woven and knitted, pulp and paper, building materials, alcoholic beverages, alternative fuel, and livestock feed and bedding to name a few.

In recent times, Hemp may be one of the most controversial plants in the world due to its relationship to marijuana.  In effect, they are cousins.   Hemp and Marijuana are the same genus and species.  Hemp, the fiber (and fruit) producing strain while marijuana is the narcotic strain of Cannabis. Both are annuals belonging to the hops family.

In all cultivators of Marijuana and most cultivators of Hemp there is a drug known as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that the plant produces.  A THC level of 0.3% is adopted in Canada as the concentration that separates non-narcotic strains from narcotic strains.

The commercial production of low-THC fiber Hemp is permitted in Canada under licenses and permits issued by The Canadian Federal Government, Health Canada division.  The result is that crops are transparent.  Each is lot-traced and lab-tested and the seeds used to plant the crop are regulated and purchased from the registered seed growers association.

Our skin care and hair care products are made from the finest organic Hemp Oil mother nature makes and are ancient recipes we have tried and test marketed.