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How is your garden growing?

It’s been about 2 weeks since posting Part 1 of this blog.  With the strong sun and warmer weather, plants will be gaining strength and starting to show growth.

Depending on what you have planted in the garden, you will likely see the next stages in the days and weeks to come.

If you are noticing that your plants are being nibbled, consider what might be eating the leaves.  If it’s slugs, try watering your garden in the morning.  Slugs like moist conditions and often come out at night.  If you water in the evening, you are creating more favorable conditions for them to thrive.

Slugs aren’t the only creatures that enjoy fresh leaves and healthy gardens.  Squirrels, rabbits, skunks, cats, and raccoons might all find their way into your plot of plants.  If possible, add some reinforcement to the area with chicken wire.

Now, onto the next stages of plant growth!


Another much anticipated phase in the growth process is when the first buds of your plant start to show.  This is a good time to introduce phosphorus into your soil to help stimulate this vital stage of crop growth.  

In understanding the pH level of your garden, you will avoid over fertilizing your crops.  Read through this informative article to get a better grasp of the science behind soil.


The bud emerges, and a flower starts to show!  A good indicator that the fruit or vegetable isn’t too far behind.  Just like in the last two phases, natural fertilizer can be applied to your garden to help boost this stage of plant growth.   However, if you have already tended to your garden well in the earlier stages, your plants won’t need much more than water, sunshine, and love.


It’s the moment every garden is waiting for. The crops begin to bear fruit, and the colours begin to turn.  Keep watering your plants throughout this stage to keep them hydrated, and help to flush out use of natural and organic fertilizers.  Being vigilant will help at this stage, since as mentioned, furry friends like fruits and vegetables too!  


This is when all your hard work pays off.  You reap what you sow, and if you have taken all the right steps in your garden, you will enjoy the feast.  Harvest usually happens towards the end of Summer and into the Fall.    Plan out this stage well to allow enough time for you to pick your fruits and vegetables, and preserve them for months of enjoyment.

Learning as you Grow

While there are many stages to plant growth, each one is unique and rewarding.  By participating in the process, you begin to learn that seeds are micro miracles and the source of all life.   Enjoy yourself as you connect with the Earth and the food you grow!

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About the Author ~ Leah Feor
Leah is a strategic advisor and content creator for Simply Sustainable™. Balancing a triple bottom line for organizations and individuals is her utmost goal. She’s a big picture thinker with an eye for detail. Her passion for the environment and social impact bring her business background to life. Outdoor adventures, healthy living, and continuous learning are just a few of her favourite things.