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Have you ever thought about why farmers grow the crops they do?  

While it has a lot to do with climate and soil type, market demand plays a large role in the ultimate decision. This is where you, the customer, comes into the picture.

Simple Economics

Supply and demand is a basic principle in economics, and decision makers take careful consideration when selecting which crops to plant for the year.  This very principle is a big reason as to why traditional crop farmers are choosing to grow hemp rather than canola in their fields.

You see, for a farmer to switch their annual crop from a tried and tested plant like canola, they need to be sure that there is a demand for their new crop of choice, and also that there is not too much supply to meet that demand.  The odds are in the hemp farmers favour since there is a growing demand for this super crop, and current supply is not over the top due to stricter regulations.

Healthy Harvest

Hemp is a favorable option for farmers looking to make the switch from a commonly grown crop to an innovative option.  Not only does hemp offer a healthy end product for customers, it is also great for soil and the atmosphere.   With an abundant list of benefits to growing and using hemp, you might wonder why more farmers aren’t planting it?

Though the plant itself has been grown across the globe for thousands of years, it’s faced some limitations in the last century due to being part of the cannabis sativa family.  Luckily, things are changing, and laws are loosening up surrounding the entire plant species due to its numerous advantages for people and the planet.

Industrial Hemp

The agricultural community is pondering the future of hemp as a crop option, often asking if it will grow to be more popular than canola.  While nobody can predict what’s to come, hemp pioneers are speaking up about this natural solution that is a substitute for petroleum based products and reduces dependency on trees for paper and cotton for clothes.  Imagine the possibilities once hemp reaches its full potential.

There is an important shift happening in Canada from a legal perspective, and hemp regulations are developing in the plant and planet’s favour.  While it is still regulated by Health Canada, the growing demand for use of the entire crop will push for updated legal treatment of a plant that is not a drug, but treated like one.

Demand Creates Supply

As Canadian citizens demand healthier options for ourselves and the Earth, policy makers will surely supply us with the right regulations to ensure that we aren’t missing the boat on an economic success story that’s an environmental win.

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About the Author ~ Leah Feor
Leah is a strategic advisor and content creator for Simply Sustainable™. Balancing a triple bottom line for organizations and individuals is her utmost goal. She’s a big picture thinker with an eye for detail. Her passion for the environment and social impact bring her business background to life. Outdoor adventures, healthy living, and continuous learning are just a few of her favourite things. simplysustainableblog.com