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To spread the truth about hemp so that everyone will understand it’s history, the misunderstandings between hemp and marijuana, and that nature put it here for many reasons! To help people appreciate it for all that it is, so they utilize it as a staple in their diets, as well as to clothe, shelter, and transport their families. By promoting hemp and triggering it to become mainstream, we will save our trees which take years and years to grow, save our oceans that are becoming increasingly polluted with plastics, protect our non-renewable resources, and  reduce the greenhouse gases in our air. It will bring farming back to the roots of our culture, bringing families and communities back together.


By collaborating with many small, Canadian family businesses to offer a source for “all things hemp”, and engaging leaders that are passionate about revealing the secret powers of this valuable crop and offering an experience for the people in their communities, we will have a massive impact on the health of our planet, and make a difference to the health of people and their pets.


1) Sustainability - Responsibility for our environment, society & economy

2) Passionate - Knowing the solutions are in our hands

3) Determination to shape our future

4) Integrity - Open, Honest, Ethical, Fair, Trustworthy

5) Respect for others beliefs, patience & understanding for the misconceptions about hemp