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Melina Byerss

Hey! I bought a natural deodorant and a lip balm off you at the Cannabis expo.  It worked really well, I love it!  Just wanted to say thank you again because I have trouble finding natural products that work!! 

Marion Haag

I think that everyone young or old, healthy or not should take the hemp oil supplement! It is everything your body needs to get healthy if you are not or build up your immune system some more if you are!  This has changed my life and everyone’s life I have introduced it to, no joke. Please try it, do it for YOU!!

Sarah Wilson

I bought 2 bottles of the Hemp Seed Oil in August on the advice of a friend.  I had knee replacement surgery in my 20’s and my knee was really bothering me but daily usage of prescription painkillers & physio just wasn’t helping anymore.  I started on these and I haven’t been in pain or needed painkillers at all in almost 2 months!  Honestly, I wasn’t hopeful it would work but these capsules have definitely proven their effectiveness.

Sarah WilsonHemp Oil Caps
Derf Bell

After just 2 days of use no side effects and amazing results!  I have major hip issues and nerve damage from numerous surgeries for congenital hip dysplasia was very surprised to get almost immediate results.  Will definitely refer others to this amazing herb extracts.

Derf BellHemp Pain Relief – Extra Strength
Lynne Grinsted

When I first started taking the Veggie hemp oil capsules there was no noticeable difference – but I bought them so I continued to take them.   Then, doing what I always do when I try a new product – I quit taking it to see if I notice a difference.  If I don’t notice a difference taking them & I don’t notice a difference not taking them – then why waste my money.  The last time I took my hemp was November 11 – didn’t really notice anything right away but within the week my hip that had actually quit aching started aching again – my mental clarity was gone – my emotions were all over the place, no other way to explain it but just felt completely off balance. I was gradually loosing weight without changing my diet & I gradually regained 5 pounds without changing my diet, more of a total body well being by taking the Veggie hemp oil capsules.   I’m up at 4:45 every day & while I was on them I had energy all day -in bed by 9:30 slept like a baby – while I was off- by noon the head bobbing started & lasted till I went to bed only to toss & turn all night – this is only the second day back on them & I feel “normal” again & also had a sound sleep last night!  I want to continue taking this forever.

Lynne GrinstedHempE EnthusiastLynne’s HempE Shop